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Couplings & Grease

The Couplings made by RENK are used in all industrial Fields of application. The range of the RENK plant in Rheine includes curved-tooth couplings, high-speed diaphragm and Raflex ® flexible disk couplings, HYGUARD ® safety Couplings and TORLOC ® clamping elements.

RENK Longlife Grease is a special, long fibre grease with high adhesive force, which maintains its full lubrication properties even over extended time periods. The thixotropic structure ensures best dropping safety during standstill, even under the most unfavourable installation positions. Maintenance intervals are typically 25 000 operations hours or 5 years at longest. It corresponds with major inspection intervals of power stations and with API-requirements.



Curved Tooth Couplings

RENK can offer the most comprehensive range of couplings worldwide. The Curved Tooth Couplings come in both horisontal and vertical design. There is a wide variaty in the range i.e. Basic design, spacer design, and intermediate shaft design, all with or without retaining ring. It is also available in a design with brake disk for shoe or disk brake, vertical design for oil or grease lubrication and design with one-piece coupling sleeve.

Steel Disk Couplings

The steel disk couplings of the construction series Raflex® belong to the torsionally stiff, flexible shaft connections. Like the well-established curved tooth couplings, these power transmission elements are completely made from metal. Contrary to the curved tooth couplings, they do not need lubrication and are hence maintenance-free. The Raflex® coupling is acc. to API 610 and API 671.
Diaphragm coupling - Couling

Diaphragm Couplings

High-speed diaphragm couplings of the series MCN and MCF transmit the torque through a contoured single diaphragm. They are predominantly designed for use on applications involving high and very high speeds. The high flexibility of the diaphragm under load allows the compensation of angular, axial and parallel misalignments of the shafts connected by the coupling.
■ No need for lubrication and maintenance
■ High temperature resistance
■ Extremely high radial stiffness
■ Low restoring forces and bending moments
■ Low weight
■ Diaphragm protected against corrosion
■ Very high torque and speed capability
■ Extended lifetime – utmost dependability
■ Extraordinarily high balance quality
■ Easily removed diaphragm sleeve
■ Low number of mechanical connecting elements

Elastic Couplings

The torsionally resilient ELCO coupling® has proven its worth in tens of thousands of drives due to its adaptable construction and precise workshop design.
■ Torque and speed shocks are dampened by the spring and cushioning properties of the profile sleeves.
■ Angular and radial displacement is counterbalanced by the allround elasticity and plasticity of the profile sleeves.
■ Longitudinal movements of the shafts are counteracted by the smooth displaceability of the profile sleeves in the bores of the coupling counter-piece.

Safety Couplings

HYGUARD® is a hydraulic safety element to protect machinery against overloads. In combination with curved tooth Couplings, HYGUARD® Works like a safety coupling with torque limitation. The release torque is adjustable and remains constant throughout the entire operation time. The combination of curved tooth Couplings with HYGUARD® features many advantages: Transmission of high torques within little space, torsionally stiff-articulated shaft Connection, overload protection with adjustable torque limitation, constant release torque throughout the entire operation time, no interruption of operation due to material fatique, low Down time COSTs, fast re-commissioning and no cost-intensive stocking of spare parts.
TORLOC ® Clamping Element

TORLOC ® Clamping Element

TORLOC ® Clamping Elements

Hydraulic clamping elements.

Coupling Grease

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RENK long-life grease is a highly adhesive, fibrous special grease which retains its full lubrication capacity even over extended periods of time. The thixotropic structure ensures high dripping resistance during stillstand, even in unfavorable installation conditions. RENK long-life grease corresponds to NLGI grade 1. It is water repellent and completely neutral to the installed seals, for example those made of NBR. 
RENK long-life grease is specially tailored to the requirements of our gear couplings.
RENK long-life grease extends the maintenance interval of RENK’s gear couplings to 25,000 operating hours or five years at most. This period corresponds to the intervals of major overhauls at power plants and API standards.
RENK long-life grease is available in convenient, easy-to-use cartridges or in larger containers as well if required.
0.28 kg cartridge
1.0 kg can
4.5 kg can
18 kg pail