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GearConsult AS has represented RENK GmbH in Norway for a number of years where we have promoted drive train components and solutions to the maritime industry. The last years we have had an increased focus on green technologies and are offering wave energy systems from GEPS Techno, waste heat recovery units from ORCAN Energy and corrosion resistant non-toxic coatings from Subsea Industries. We also represent Dutch Propeller Repairs (DPR) and HYDREX who can perform all types of propeller and underwater repair.


News Release:

May 2022:
New combined brochure of the marine efficiency PACK portofolio from ORCAN Energy:
ORCAN eP M 050.100_150.200_rev5

March 2022:
Subsea Industries have made a new digital version of their ECOSHIELD brochure, see link below:

January 2022:
New catalogs from RENK for couplings and slide bearings: 
- RENK Coupling solutions
- RENK Slide Bearings