RENK’s products and services are consistently tailored to the needs of their customers. Absolute precision, commitment, and speed are the basic prerequisites for efficiency and the capacity to act, especially in sensitive business areas. This commitment to the highest quality standards is what sets apart each and every subsidiary and company in the RENK Group around the world. Their flexibility, willingness to cooperate, and technical understanding enable them to communicate with customers and provide systems advice as partners. RENK has been defining standards and what is technically possible for many years.

Marine gear units

RENK offers a comprehensive range of marine gear units from reversing gear units starting at 1,000 kW to complex gear units arrangements for naval vessels with 40,000 kW and more of transmitted power, including all requisite control and monitoring systems.

Industrial gear units

RENK develops and builds industrial gear units for almost any field of application. In addition to the design versions listed in the tables, the RENK product range includes one-off special-purpose gear units for power generation, cement production, rubber and plastic industries, water and wind power stations, transport and conveyor equipment, and open-pit mining applications.

Slide bearings

Based in Hannover, the Slide Bearings division supplies hydrodynamic lubricated slide bearings – for electric motors, generators, pumps, and maritime applications, among others. 


RENK's extensive range of couplings, including a wide range of series and versions, offers you complete freedom to design a shaft connection that fits your needs. It also gives you the certainty of selecting the ideal solution, even for the most difficult drive applications.