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Industrial Gear Units

RENK develops and builds industrial gear units for almost any field of application. In addition to the design versions listed in the tables, the RENK product range includes one-off special-purpose gear units for power generation, cement production, rubber and plastic industries, water and wind power stations, transport and conveyor equipment, and open-pit mining applications.


TL-710 Industrial gearboxes


High Speed Gearbox

For many decades, RENK has been a leading manufacturer of high-speed gearboxes and enjoys an excellent reputation with their series TS, TB, TL, TNA and TNB. Supported by up-to-date CAD-systems and computer controlled production, products of superior quality are built and delivered worldwide.


Water Power Gearbox

RENK speed increaser with integral turbine bearings. Water power gear units form an integral part of the turbine. They have to be designed in close cooperation with the turbine manufacturer. Especially the gear units low speed shaft requires utmost attention. Low head sites usually can only be exploited by the use of Kaplan Turbines. The use of RENK water turbine gears will increase the overall efficiency from typically 96% to 98.3%
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Aero Drive

Wind Power Gearbox

Wind turbine makers can now rely on one compact, economical and reliable drive train solution from one source, meeting the request of wind turbine buyers to reduce operating costs. The AeroDrive does not require a frequency converter or any power conversion electronics. Instead, it allows for the use of a proven synchronous generator that runs at fixed speed and can directly feed energy into the grid at mid voltage level, just like conventional power stations.