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Slide Bearings

RENK Hannover plant supplies hydrodynamically lubricated slide bearings and flexible couplings, both in standard and special versions. Advanced computer programs, partially developed by RENK, are used for calculating the operating parameters of the bearing design. Efficient 3D CAD programs allow for flexible response to customer’s requirements. 



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Slide Bearing for
Electrical Machinery

RENK E-Type bearings are slide bearings of the most up-to-date design which can be assembled together, to suit requirements in a number of alternative ways by using pre-fabricated units. They were developed primarily as bearings for electric machines, blowers, turbocompressors and horizontal water turbines but in view of the possibility of fitting them with different alternative components they can be used almost universally in the engineering industry

Shaft Line Bearings

The RADILUS® bearings are normally self-lubricated. 
For higher ambient temperatures and/or high speeds a tube cooler of sea water resistant material is fitted in the oil sump. 
The oil level can be checked with the integrated dipstick. Upon request the bearings can be delivered with a temperature sensor. 
Some bearings will only absorb vertical loads. 
RADILUS® LRL = bearing with top and bottom shells  
RADILUS® LRF = bearing with top and bottom shells, plus plain sliding surfaces on ends of shells to absorb minor axial forces.  
RADILUS® LRH = bearing with bottom shell only
Axilus LA

Thrust Bearings

The name AXILUS® stands for thrust bearings that are tailored to the special requirements in shipbuilding in terms of reliability and diversity. Whether merchant vessels, record-breaking cruise ships following the tradition of the classic ocean giants, fantastic mega yachts, ice-breaking North Atlantic supply vessels or military ships – even under the worst conditions, all of these vessels can rely on tireless and noiseless transmission of propeller thrust into ship propulsion. AXILUS® bearings can also integrate the radial support of the shafts and/or additionally be used with a disconnecting device in order to utilize propeller drives for the power supply for conveying equipment or to support safety concepts like “Safe Return to Port”.

Type EVE

Vertical Bearings

RENK vertical bearings and inserts series EV are vertical bearings of the most up-to-date design. They have been developed for electrical machines, turbines, pumps and blowers of vertical construction. The main components for the EVE type for downward thrust loads of 50 to 1300 kN are available from stock in Germany. Shafts to fit the EVE and EVF bearings range in size from 80 to 560 mm diameter.