Dutch Propeller Repairs

Dutch Propeller Repairs BV specializes in all types of fixed and
controllable pitch propeller inspections and repairs.

* Repairs of propellers and blades at DPR’s workshop and on location worldwide.
* Certified repair specialists having over 25 years of knowledge and experience.
* Welding procedures certified by all well-known class-agencies.
* Independent inspections for ship owners, ship management and insurance organizations.
* Comprehensive reports of all inspections and repairs.
* Balancing propellers and blades on location with mobile balancing equipment within   driving distance of The Netherlands.
* Blue fitting for propeller shafts / fixed pitch propellers and rudders / rudder stocks.
* Providing new propellers and blades on request.
* Two flying squads are available for any kind of extensive repairs and inspections worldwide.
* For renewal of blade tips and/or applying new pieces, only first quality material is used, casted in The Netherlands.
* With laser equipment, they can accurately measure propellers of any diameter.
* With mobile equipment they can balance blades up to 6,5 tons and propellers up to 15 tons, on location within driving distance of The Netherlands.
* All repairs are carried out according to certified procedures and by certified welders.
* DPR continuously improve their machines, tools and procedures in order to provide optimal efficiency, quality and reliability.
* DPR BV is ISO-9001 certified by Bureau Veritas
* DPR BV is the only company in the world certified (by DNV-GL) for welding propellers on site.

DPR can perform the following services:
* Straightening
* Polishing
* Balancing
* Blade modification
* Emergency repair
* Blue fitting of propellers and rudder stocks
* New propellers and blades on request