Marine Gear Units

RENK offers a comprehensive range of marine gear units from reversing gear units starting at 1,000 kW to complex gear units arrangements for naval vessels with 40,000 kW and more of transmitted power, including all requisite control and monitoring systems.

Many of today’s ships are equipped with CODAD (COmbined Diesel And Diesel) and CODOG (COmbined Diesel Or Gas turbine), CODAG (COmbined Diesel And Gas turbine) or COGAG (Combined Gas turbine And Gas turbine) propulsion plants. Special Cross Connect gears and CODELAG (COmbined Diesel ELectric And Gas turbine) units, for propulsion plants with electric motor and gasturbine propulsion complete the product range.






Compact and Efficient design for the most challenging conditions
The T2RECS is a single-stage modular marine gear unit for single or twin screw vessels intended for offshore work (OSV, AHTS, PSV, etc.), commercial duties (MPV, container feeders, etc.), and the fishing industry.
Modular design
Various configurations:
* Power Take –Off (PTO): For driving a generator for onboard power
* Power Take-Inn (PTI): For additional booster power from a generator/electric motor
* Power Take-Home (PTH): Redundant propeller drive system via a generator/electric motor

Single Marine_RSV_3


Single Marine

The gearbox is one of the key components of the propulsion system and designed to perform a large variety of functions, such as: 

* Reduction of the main engine speed to the optimum propeller speed
* Power take-off (PTO) or power take-in (PTI) for or from auxiliary drives

Duel-engine marine gear unit_NDS_3

Double Marine Gearbox

Double Marine

Propulsion systems for ships, such as Ro-Pax ferries, supply vessels, ice breakers etc. are often equipped with 2 propellers and 4 engines. The power of two engines each is transmitted to the propeller by a double marine gearbox. The gearboxes fulfil multi-functional tasks:
* Combination of individual power of several main engines.
* Reduction of the main engine speed to the optimum propeller speed.
* Power Take-Off (PTO) or Power Take-In (PTI) for or from auxiliary drives.

Tunnel gear

Tunnel Gear Box

Tunnel Gear Boxes

Power Take Off (PTO) / Power Take Home (PTH) for slow speed two-stroke engines. To extract energy from the rotating shaft between the engine and propeller. I.e. for generation of electric energy, fuel cost reduction by utilization of good main engine efficiency, shut down of main generator during sea voyage etc.




Maritime Hybrid Drive

MARHY® is a redundant propulsion system for ships driven by a slow speed (two-stroke) diesel engine.
MARHY® is used for economical and environmentally friendly propulsion for slow steaming and maneuvering through its Power-Take-Home (PTH) function. The system also offers Power-Take-Off (PTO) and Power-Take-In (PTI/Booster).
MARHY® can be used on any type of vessel with Fixed Pitch or Controllable Pitch Propeller (FPP or CPP), with a propulsion power of up to 60 MW. PTO/PTH/PTI power will be adapted in accordance to each specific project requirement.          
The MARHY® package consists of RENK Propeller Shaft Clutch (PSC), RENK tunnel gearbox, Highly flexible couplings and Electric package (Electrical motor/generator, Frequency converter with harmonic filters as well as digital control & monitoring system).



Integrated Front-end Power System (IFPS)

The Integrated Front-end Power System consists of a single-stage
gearbox, one or multiple generators and associated frequency
converters as well as the transformers for the connection to the
ship’s grid.
Developed for front-end mounting it can be applied where there
is no space for other PTO solutions arranged between the main
engine and the propeller. As the space on the front-end is in most
cases also limited, the system features a flat gear unit design and
specially designed short generators.
The gear unit is connected to the crankshaft via an intermediate
central shaft and a highly elastic coupling. The angle encoder of
the main engine is mounted to the coupling cover.

Gear Unit Dredger_CDSH_3

Cutter Gear Unit

Customized Gear Units

RENK supplies any kind of propulsion gear unit solution needed on a dredger vessel, from single in/single out up to double in/single out gear units. Normally they are custom-built for all types of propulsion system (diesel, diesel-electric, dual fuel diesel-electric (DFDE)) Besides propulsion solutions, RENK also supplies gear units for other dredger vessel applications such as jet and dredge pumps, generators, cutters and winches. These gear units are built to the customer’s specifications and comply with all applicable safety standards as well as RENK’s in-house guidelines