For the shipping market RENK manufacture gear units for merchant and supply vessels, LPG/LNG tankers and ferries. These include single and double marine gearboxes, as well as their more special shaft tunnel gear units to meet the needs of all customers and applications.

For propeller shaft disconnection, RENK has developed the automated PSC – Propeller Shaft Clutch, as well as the manual KAZ. Disconnecting the propeller allows the use of the main engine to power a generator when standstill operations demand a large amount of electrical power. – In a twin-screw vessel, disconnecting one of the main engines allows the idling propeller to windmill in order to reduce drag and thereby the fuel consumption. – In a single-screw vessel, disconnecting the main engine in case of a ME break down, allows for a power take home solution if a shaft generator/motor is present. – Allows for engine maintenance during sea operation.

Dutch Propeller Repairs - DPR          DPR specializes in all types of fixed and variable pitched propeller repairs and have experienced repair specialists with more than 25 years experience.

RENK develops and builds industrial gear units for almost any field of application in addition to the design versions listed in the tables, the RENK product range includes one-off special-purpose gear units for power generation, cement production, rubber and plastic industries, water and wind power stations, transport and conveyor equipment, and open-pit mining applications.

The Couplings made by RENK are used in all industrial fields of application. The range of the RENK plant in Rheine includes curved-tooth couplings, high-speed diaphragm and Raflex ® flexible disk couplings, HYGUARD ® safety Couplings and TORLOC ® clamping elements. RENK Longlife Grease is a special, long fibre grease with high adhesive force, which maintains its full lubrication properties even over extended time periods.

Orcan Energy's second-generation ORC solutions are also used successfully in shipping. Against a backdrop of constantly rising energy prices and strict emission limits, they offer owners an outstanding option for running their ship in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way.

RENK produce slide bearings for applications such as electrical motors, generators, pumps and marine propulsion. RENKs E-type bearings are widely used and for more than a decade RENK has been the world market leader in slide bearings for electrical machinery. For marine propulsion, RENK can offer thrust bearings and shaft line bearings in various executions.

Since 2016, GEPS Techno has been developing and optimising anti-roll tank architectures for vessels seeking greater comfort and operability. To date, some thirty ships have been equipped with tanks designed by GEPS Techno. StabInSea was founded in 2022. The question of operability arises at the ship design stage where volume is reserved in the architecture for the future integration of one or more tanks.

Hydrex performs fast worldwide underwater ship repairs and fuel saving services.




Ecospeed is an underwater ship hull protection and fouling control system.
It consists of a tough, long-lasting, glassflake reinforced coating combined with routine in-water cleaning/conditioning.

Ecoshield, for permanent protection against cavitation damage for rudders. The glassflake reinforced coating protects the rudder for the service life of the ship without need for recoating or major repair and comes with a ten-year guarantee.
It is the only coating known to fully protect a rudder from all cavitation damage.