Crane & Winch

RENK offer a wide range of couplings for this application. Please see the Products-folder for more info.

Fish Farming

The stabilizer tank and the free power generator from GEPS Techno are ideal solutions for feeder barges etc. With the GSIRE installed, it will make the platform more stable, as well as having free power from a wave driven generator on board. This does also apply for fish farming ships, fish carriers or fishing vessels.  The stabilised buoy WAVEPEARL® provides permanent electric supply and creates good working conditions. 

Marine Propulsion

RENK is a widely recognized supplier of Marine Gear Units worldwide.
* RENKs Single and Double Marine Gear Units are typically installed in ferries, LNG tankers, anchor handlers and seismic vessels.
* RENKs Tunnel Gears and Propeller Shaft Clutches can be found in vessels with two-stroke engines i.e. chemical tankers. 
* Some Norwegian key customers include Color Line, Fjordline and Fred Olsen.



Couplings to different kinds of mining equipment; from for example conveyor belts for gravel – to large mining machines that crush blocks of stone to gravel by tumbling.


RENK has supplied several Curved Tooth Couplings and Slide Bearings for the offshore industry.

Pulp & paper

Different Couplings can be found for example in wood chipping machines and machines for paper and packaging manufacturing.

Rudder Protection

Subsea Industries, a Hydrex company, has developed the ultimate rudder protection coating, Ecoshield, for permanent protection against cavitation damage for rudders. The glassflake reinforced coating protects the rudder for the service life of the ship without need for recoating or major repair and comes with a ten-year guarantee.

Ship Hull Performance

Ecospeed is a system for ship hull protection and fouling control which results in the
smoothest hull for the longest time and therefore the highest fuel economy for the service life
of ships.

Ship Stabilization

The SIRE from GEPS Techno stabilizes your ship and improves sea-keeping and working conditions on board. SIRE is a passive ship stabilisation system that reduces the ships roll in all sea conditions.
The GSIRE is a semi-passive stabilizer which recovers energy from the roll and returns it to your onboard electrical network. The GSIRE application is a SIRE type passive anti-roll stabilisation system integrating water turbines to recover stabilisation power from the water load in motion.

Waste Heat Energy Recovery

Orcan Energy's simple and flexible products convert unused energy from engines and industrial facilities into clean electricity that you can use right away. Without any extra investment or extra work. 

Water Power / Hydro Electric Installations

For Kaplan-turbines RENK can provide Planetary Gear Boxes and Parallel Shaft Gears. They also supply Axial and Radial Bearing Units for both horizontal and vertical installations.
For Pump-fed Power Stations, RENK produce Curved Toot Couplings that can be disengaged at Standstill.

Wind Power

For wind power stations our products include Gear Units (AeroGear), Steel Disk Couplings and Emergency Couplings (Hyguard).


Couplings are used in special vehicles, special machines, test rigs etc.